preventable drop!

Posted by Chris Taylor on Oct 8, 2004

Here's how all best intentions for care and safety can backfire!

1- made nice sturdy toggle carry handles. 2 - installed toggle handles on stainless hoops anchored deep into the end-pours 3 - removed bow toggle after placing boat on rack to afix a sturdy bow-line through above-mentioned stainless hoop (not enough room for both). 4 - put toggle on dashboard - not in pocket. 5 - unloading boat in rain with help - could not find toggle right away so just manhandled bow with hands. 6 - bow slips from hands and BAM - 3 ft drop to pavement.

Luckily no significant damage [tough little boat]

The root cause was not my wet hands, but rather a too complex procedure subject to human failure.

The Fix - add a larger stainless hoop that will accept both the toggle and bowline, or a separate stainless hoop dedicated for bow-line use only.