Re: preventable drop!

Posted by Dave Houser on Oct 8, 2004

I used a piece of 1/2 inch gray PVC pipe for a toggle (sprinkler riser). I drilled a single hole mid length through one wall of the pipe just big enough to accept the toggle cord doubled. The cord was then looped through the end pour hole and both ends were passed through the drilled hole in the toggle and both out one end of the pipe and then the ends were tied together. I used a double overhand fisherman’s knot (popular rock climbing knot). The knot was small enough to then slide into the 1/2 inch diameter pipe to too big to pull through the drilled hole. Nice and neat without the knot showing.

The car-topping bowline can just be looped through the loop of the toggle cord and secured to the bumper. Even if the toggle pipe beaks in half and falls off the toggle cord is still tied in a loop and the bumper line is still tied through the loop. No need to enlarge your end pour hole for the bumper line.

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