Re: Another thought

Posted by Terry Mcadams on Oct 8, 2004

Yeah, I noticed the same problem with the rear paddler getting wet in the 16.5, due to the wider cockpit back there. Pity, as I usually sit back there because I use a longer paddle than my wife does.

Her paddle is marked with a piece of red tape to eliminate having to compare the otherwise identical paddles each time we pick them up. Now I suppose I could furtively switch the tape and then tell that her paddle had obviously stretched in the hot sunlight due to thermal expansion, and then insist she sit aft in the 16.5 and get the drips in her lap. But, unfortunalty, I married a very intelligent woman.

Serioiusly, I think a double spray skirt in the 16.5 might be a very unweidy hunk of fabric, and possibly dangerously entangling if you had to do a wet exit-reentry. For the drippage, I put my rain jacket across my lap if it's a warm day, or just wear my wet suit bottoms if it's cooler.


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