Re: Launching the Raven T

Posted by Mac on Sep 20, 2004

Congratulations Robert!

A good kayak (didn't buck you off) hits the water.

I saw one of the K1 Olympic paddles with a spray skirt - a baggy affair that didn't interfere with his knee movement. He was the only entrant using it, so it wasn't that the water was too choppy, he must have practiced with it so much that he wasn't comfortable without it. The guy must have major calluses on his knees by now! You may want to check on the kind of material you choose.

Later on, let us know how it feels to get back into a touring boat.

Is a WW paddle a wing?

Hope the weather holds so you can do some more miles.

In Response to: Launching the Raven TK-1 by Robert N Pruden on Sep 19, 2004