Re: Launching the Raven T

Posted by Robert N Pruden on Sep 20, 2004

Thanks, Kurt! I'll have it out again on Friday. I have to really work on that refined technique before I can fire up the afterburners. I've already got new batteries for the GPS. I'll try to get a better seat built during the week. I was using the unfinished cockpit rim as a backrest yesterday and it kinda hurt. Mike sent me a picture of a good seat to make outta closed cell stuff so I'll get that made, glaze it with heat to make it slippy and I'll be ready to swim, er...paddle. Aw heck, ya know, I'm gonna deliberately flip the thing on Friday so I can get that capsize worry outta my head. Better that then to worry so much so that the worry causes the flip.

Robert N Pruden

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