Mill Creek 16.5

Posted by Adam Bolonsky on Sep 17, 2004

Anybody ever capsized the Mill Creek 16.5 and had to to go through an assisted- or self-rescue? Does the raised coaming lip around the cockpit make T-rescues difficult?

I ask because I'm a seakayaker looking for a boat appropriate for taking fishing clients out tandem I have considerable group and solo rescue experience in sea kayaks and want to know from owners how rescue skills work in the MC 16.5

Please: don't bother answering unless you've deliberately or accidentally capsized your MC 16.5 and then had to deal with the re-entry and bailing. I.E., conjucture from fair-weather paddlers won't help.

One large problem to me seems be the boat's considerable cockpit volume: that's a lot of water to pump out with a bilger, a lot to dump out (and conceivably a delicate coaming to put under pressure) during a standard T rescue.

Anybody have any truly informed views?