Re: Mill Creek 16.5

Posted by Terry Mcadams on Sep 20, 2004


I also have a 16.5. As the others said, it's more like a canoe and should be used accordingly. It's very hard to capsize this boat but once it was over and the large, open cockpit is full, the only practical way to drain it is to head for shallow water and bail. Trying to T-rescue a boat this heavy (assuming a fully flooded cockpit) would, in my opinion, be at least a recipe for injury and maybe impossible. I'm not even sure you could T-rescue it with a partially flooded cockpit, as the cockpit is so long it might keep re-filling at the in-water end.

I don't even carry a water pump. I carry a bucket, clorox-bottle-baler and sponge instead. Moves water a lot faster.

I think it would be a great boat for fishing clients - in protected waters. I'd use mine for fishing also, if fish didn't personally ridicule me every time I try to catch them. But it may not be wise to take folks out in conditions that would not be safe for a canoe with novice paddlers. Breaking waves could swamp this boat in a flea's heartbeat. Trying to control a flooded 16.5 in surf would be like wrestling Namu.


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