Re: Wherry launched yeste

Posted by Kelly C on Sep 13, 2004

Ha! Yes, it works fine without the paint, indeed! Thanks for the good advice, Laszlo.

I think you're quite right, that after I've rowed my wherry a dozen times, it will be very comfortable. I think that rowing it alone, or with just Gooch, will make a lot of difference. Gabe isn't a small kid at all, he weighs as much as most adults.

I did try a wherry once at a Wisconsin demo by CLC, but it was well after I had already begun work on my kit. And that boat had a sliding seat and long oars. I really floundered with that setup, and when I switched to an LT17 kayak, I immediately thought "what the heck am I doing building a rowboat, this kayak is a BLAST!"

So I guess I'll have to build a kayak next, hmmm? Unfortunately, since I lack a heated workshop, building a kayak is probably out of the question. Once the weather is warm enough for epoxy to dry well in my garage, I lose all interest in working in the garage, I'd rather be out running, bicycling, and otherwise enjoying Wisconsin. Now I can enjoy it rowing my wherry too!

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