Re: Varnish Suggestions

Posted by Steve Miller on Sep 9, 2004

Yep Terry, you and I apply varnish the same way. Sand every other coat. I use 3M pads on the coats I don't sand. Do you do anything similar or just go for it?

I have done some varnish without sanding at all between coats until the last coat. Still seemed to work fine. My theory is that varnish (or most paint) will stick just fine to itself if the previous coat is fresh enough. Sort of the same rational as epoxy coating without sanding if you are within the magic window.

PLEASE NOTE however, this is not advice to other builders, just my experience. Please don't slap 5 coats of varnish on without sanding then call me when there is a problem!

But remember that all you really need to do between coats is remove the gloss and bigger dust bunnies. That only needs a 3M pad not wet sanding. And save the 220 or 320 for other work. Wet sand your varnish with 400.

My 2 cents.

In Response to: Re: Varnish Suggestions by Terry Mcadams on Sep 9, 2004