Re: Varnish Suggestions

Posted by Terry Mcadams on Sep 9, 2004

Yeah Steve, I now use the 3M pads between coats (or the green scrubbies from the kitchen if I'm closer to that than the workshop). They're great and don't cut through the finish at the sharp edges either. I'll still wet sand the second to last coat to get most of the bumps out.

When I worked in the boat yard, 3Ms had either not yet been invented, or had not yet been discovered by someone inventive enough to try them for varnish rubdowns. We would use bronze wool on occassion, but the sandpaper was cheaper and better for the large, flat transoms.

Does anyone use bronze wool anywore for anything?

Oddly, I still rub lightly between coats. I say oddly, because, being lazy, I'd rather not. But the dust bumps seem to be a little harder to get off after subsequent coats of varnish.

It stands to reason, though, that varnish, being similar to some paints in vehicle composition and some of the solids, should behave as paints do. Who sands their entire house between coats of paint. No one I know. No sane person, anyway.


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