Sweep into Brace

Posted by Mac on Sep 8, 2004

Lee, (starting new thread)

Re the "last Quarter" (Oh, Brother, can you spare a dime..)

I just looked into Derek Hutchinson's Basic Paddling again where he recommends placing the blade into more of a bracing attitude at the end of the sweep. I would guess to help with the hip flick, and to provide one last chance at a "depth charge" brace if worse comes to worst.

My kayak is the opposite of what you mentioned as able to unhook. Not a lot of rocker and a vertical fin of a transom which, with my 240lbs, is well in the water - almost a fixed rudder. You should hear it burble during those sweeps.

I gotta spend more time with Derek's Beyond the Cockpit to build confidence, courage and bravado.

As I've mentioned before, after a summer of paddling, we're dancing she and I, but it's kind of a box step so far.