Side deck install: MC16.5

Posted by Tom M. (MD) on Sep 4, 2004

I about ready to install the top decking on my MillCreek 16.5. Any tips?

What seems to concern me the most after a dry run was the two side decks and bending them to shape to fit the sheer clamp bevel. The side decks are only about 10" or so wide and have to bent on that arc which when held on the sheer clamp bevel mean they have to come down about 4" or so to the cockpit edges. I wonder if the nails will hold it firmly so there are no gaps between the hull and deck?

I was thinking of just nailing it to the sheer clamp and letting it dry a day, sticking up. Then coming back and epoxying the underside then gluing and clamping it down the cockpit edges This would ensure a tight fit at the sheer clamp. But makes a pain having to epoxy the underside like that.

Any opinions?


MillCreek 16.5