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Posted by Michelle Moran on Aug 29, 2004

Nope. I ran into trouble getting the bulkheads to fit. I could have scribed them, but was hesitant to do so as bow and stern would have required significantly different fits, which seemed like a bad thing on a canoe that is supposed to be symmetrical. Hence, I decided to try truing things up first. Speaking from experience, I can tell you that with the Sassafras canoe which is basically flat bottomed on the middle two thirds, saw horses are the way to go. After getting things squared up (I'd kept the wires loose, so was able to make all adjustments without loosening wires), the bulkheads looked better in that they still didn't fit, but at least the bad fit was even on both ends. So, the next trick was to suck up the sides symmetrically on bow and stern. After trying many things that did not work, I ended up hanging the canoe from the rafters in two slings equally spaced from each end, which worked like a charm. The bulkheads needed almost no trimming, and fit completely evenly so that I could wire them in place. However, that took up most of yesterday, so this afternoon I still have the inwales/outwales to put in place and taper, then on to the epoxy later this week after the epoxy sets for the gunwales.

Thanks for the excellent description of fairness. It's alot easier to see something if you know what you're looking for.


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