Fairness - How do I know?

Posted by Michelle Moran on Aug 28, 2004

I hope to finish the bulkheads and inwales & outwales today on my Sassafras canoe. The next step is to check everything for "fairness" prior to epoxying everything in place. I've read up on the methods -- i.e. placing parallel pieces of wood toward each end of the canoe and checking for "twist", put I'm having trouble visualizing what I'm actually looking for here. Is fairness making sure that everything is symmetrical both side to side and front to back of the canoe or is there more to it than that? Is it acceptable to just rest the canoe on sawhorses, or should it be suspended in a cradle type contraption?

Thanks again. This forum is great -- there's several things I would have definitely guessed wrong at if left to my own devices.