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Posted by leeG on Aug 29, 2004

I don't think you can "untwist" the Sassafras canoes if they're stitched up without major unstitching. I tried doing that to my brothers Sass16 and there's just too much wood wired up. I thought it was as true as could be but without a long distance to check the ends are vertical (like a 50' commercial bay) it's hard in a 20' basement with 3' on one end to sight down. I had re-wired and clamped the ends, glued it up then took it outside to sand and disovered a twist.

Seems to me that just like the Chesapeakes you have to start as untwisted as you can and have a method for keeping things "in the ball park" as you wire it up. By reducing the twist as much as possible you can get away with a little tweaking of the ends but if you try and take out 3/8" twist it will result in the panels accomodating to that misalignment which has consequences in sanding the chine joint (into middle veneer)in the Chesapeaks or trimming bulkheads to fit in the canoes.

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