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Posted by Steve Miller on Aug 29, 2004

Interesting Pete. The CLC shop tip doesn't mention how to support the boat at all.

There are lots of ways to do things in boat building. I was writing from experience with boats that have at least a small flat bottom panel like a Mill Creek. I also have build a lapstrake sailboat. If the bottom is a Vee (like a kayak) then obviously sawhorses would not work - at least not without some sort of support for the Vee. Setting an 18' kayak on two sawhorses might affect the rocker of the hull a bit if it sagged in the middle but I doubt it (if it was tightly wired). I'll let the kayak builders talk about that.

But Mischa is building a lapstitch canoe not a kayak. There will be very little room for distortion in that hull all wired up. Also she needs to check the lap lines for fairness too. I would not hang her boat since the only way (IMHO) to check the boat for fairness is to have it level in both directions to start. If it was hanging in cradles she could not get a good sight on the hull lines/lap lines.

If the sawhorses are set about 1/3 back from each end the hull should be supported just fine.

By this time she's probably done and on to epoxy.

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