Re: Epoxy/sand/epoxy

Posted by Steve Miller on Aug 28, 2004

I routinely do that Mischa. A last coat of epoxy will fill those few remaining 80 grit scratches. One of the reasons I start with finer paper is that 80 grit is pretty darn coarse and harder to get the marks smoothed out completely. What grit are you using? By starting with a scraper to get the bumps, runs and sags etc off you can start with 100 or even 120.

Sand the few shiney spots with a 3M pad to be sure your last coat of goo sticks ok. Otherwise they should be ok. 6 coats of varnish will fill pretty well too!

Yes, the last coat will be much easier to sand since you just need to lightly go over it with 220 to prep for varnish since the underlying hull is already smooth. I would just wet sand the boat by hand after the last coat of goo with 220.

If you leave those 80 grit marks they will show through varnish but pretty much only in the right light at a certain angle. But they will show.

6 hours of sanding is not all that much really. Are you doing it by hand? Or ROS? Take more frequent breaks and if needed come back another day. Sanding is too important to skimp on. The final appearance of your yak depends on it.

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