Posted by Mischa on Aug 28, 2004

In the New Kayak Shop the author talks about some kayak makers who put on (and then sand) another coat or two of epoxy after they have finished sanding the final layer of epoxy that fills the glass. I wondering:

1. Has any one tried this, was it worth it? 2. Was the final round of sanding much easer than the first? I just spent about 6 hours sanding, I don’t want to spend another six on another layer of epoxy… 3. I still have a few scratches from my 80 grit paper visible: do these have to be either filled with epoxy or sanded out; how much will they really show up after I varnish? 4. I also have a few small shinny/low spots: will those show more or less after I varnish? Should I fill these with epoxy?

Thanks again, Mischa