filling weave of glass

Posted by David on Aug 24, 2004

I'm confused what the texture of the glass should feel like after filling the weave. I've added 3 thin coats to the deck glass - the 2nd and third coats were added so as to be chemically bonded with the first. I used a squegee.

The texture is a little rough and bumpy. In a few spots it's completely smooth like 'glass' but mostly this rough and bumpy texture. Should I add more epoxy to make it smooth or do I have enough with the three coats? Is the bumpiness just epoxy on the cloth as well as in the gaps?

The hull is smoother because I used more epoxy but i'm now wondering if that is all necessary.

So how should the deck feel after epoxying the glass? Am I ready for sanding or do I need more coats?