Re: filling weave of glas

Posted by LeeG on Aug 26, 2004

It all gets down to the manner of use and storage of the kayak. If it's stored with hatches closed it'll take a thicker layer of epoxy to provide resistance to steaming water vapor into unglassed plywood. The outside always has a thick enough barrier because of the glass and fill coats, and because the outside is drier when the boats out of the water. The edges of hatches, coaming and sheer is where dings provide a route for water staining into edge grain ply for those dark streaks. So applying a couple extra coats of epoxy around those edges is always worth it because it's easier to sand into the wood on the edge with 200 grit than it is onto a flat bottom with 80 grit. If you think about it when applying fill coats the wide flat areas get more epoxy than the edges, thereafter sanding removes more epoxy at the edges than the flat areas,,why not get a head start and put more epoxy where it's needed for use and construction?

Last night at the paddling hole,,pier 7 on the South River,,there was a fellow with a Chesapeake 17 and no cockpit glass. The plywood on the inside was full of black mildew water stains simply because the one seal coat applied with a squeegee was uneven and not thick enough.

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