Re: Paddleboy Kayak Carts

Posted by Paul Konish on Aug 23, 2004

I too have been hauling heavy Old Town Loons and Milleniums for a couple of years with the Paddleboy cart. It works quite well but if you have the standard 1.5 x 8" wheels it tends to sink into soft sandy beaches. To solve this problem, I picked up another set of ordinary 1.5 x 8" lawn mower wheels (local hardware store) and doubled-up each side to distributed the load over the sand. Works great on any surface now. While on vacation in Maine I leave the boat (CH17) on the beach for two weeks and paddle every day. Just as Mark mentioned above, slip it over the stern while the boats still floating and roll it out of the water. Next trip out I just slip it over the bow and walk it back into the water. The stock hook doesn't fit the CH17 coaming so I hook it to the deck bungees for now. Enjoy!

In Response to: Re: Paddleboy Kayak Carts by Mark Camp on Aug 23, 2004