Re: Paddleboy Kayak Carts

Posted by Mark Camp on Aug 23, 2004

I've used one for a couple years. Overall it is fantastic. Yes, you just unfold it, slip it over the stern, slide it forward and hook the bungee on to the cockpit. Note: it is easy to accidentally put it on upside down; the bungee should exit the tube forward, ie, the natural direction since it is going forward to the cockpit, is one memory aid.

It's limitations are that (on my kayak at least) it rests farther aft than I would like (I have a heavy rotomolded Old Town kayak and would prefer less tongue weight when I am the acting as the tow vehicle), and it is a bit of a cardiovascular workout to use on the beach. Those limitations are compensated by light weight and extreme ease of setup and storage. I even leave the cart on the boat on top of the car.

When beaching, I install the cart as soon as I pull onto the beach, and use it to drag the boat out of the water.

In Response to: Paddleboy Kayak Carts by Mac on Aug 22, 2004