Re: major wherry screwup

Posted by Laszlo on Aug 23, 2004


Don't sand it. Once it's coated with epoxy, it's waterproof. Give the epoxy a few days to cure hard and go boating. Have fun, enjoy what's left of the weather and make notes about what needs to be changed.

Then when the boating season ends, put the boat back into the shop and make those changes without having to agonize about messing up sanded, varnished/painted wood.

Spend the winter sanding that nicely cured epoxy a little bit at a time. When it's not fun (or maybe when it's actively disagreeable), knock off for the day.

Come spring and the temps are warm enough for chemicals again (but the water's too cold for boating), prime, varnish, paint and finish it. Late spring, early summer, knock everyone dead with your shiny new boat.

Even the commercial shipyards spend a fair amount of time between launch and final delivery doing the outfitting and sea trials. So if it's good enough for the pros, who are we to argue?

Don't worry about deadlines, make haste slowly and all the other duckbilled platitudes.

Have fun,


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