Re: major wherry screwup

Posted by Kelly C on Aug 21, 2004

Howard, that was a very welcome post! The encouragement is greatly appreciated. I'm glad those aren't the worst screwups you've seen.

Yeah, this wherry project has turned to be much more than I had expected. So a kayak is easier, hmmm? I sure wish I had a heated shop so that I could build in the winter.

I ended up going down to Woodcraft and buying 3 bf of good mahogany, and making a new breasthook. It's a bit thicker than the original, which is good. I didn't trust the original to not crack, so I had epoxied more mahogany underneath.

I cut out the old breasthook using a skilsaw and a cheap*** Stanley imitation japanese saw. A carbide scraper removed the epoxy residue nicely.

One thing I am ok at using is handplanes, so I managed to fit the new breasthook and make it look ok. I'm going to epoxy it in place tonight, after I sand the hole and curves a bit more.

The pisser is, I'm sure I still have at least another month of work, since I hear the sanding process takes half of forever. I want get my boat in the water before it gets too cold here!

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