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Posted by Petewp on Aug 22, 2004

My own two cents are that you ought to stay with the plans. I built a WR180 - from plans. If you really want decent advice - dont rush the drawing stage. Take your time laying out the grid on the plywood and "graphing" in the offset points. T%his is really a cool part as on one hand it seems abstract, on the other you begin to see the physicality of your kayak for the first time - in 2D anyway. Thwe next milestone after that is whewn those semi abstract shapes come together - it just wows you to no end and confirms you made a wise decision all along.

But - what if you drew it just a little off here or there. You know, Sh-t happens. Good news is that little "sliver gaps" betweeen the long forms cover up - almost magicaly - with a little epoxy and wood flour resulting in a hull remarkably strong.

Best advice is: Take your time and enjoy it. Last thiong you want is this beautifully performing kayak that has this ugly attribute you have to live with everytime because you were impatient. When you see how effortlessly you whisk along - man itll all be worth it. You'll see.


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