Re: Mill Creek 13

Posted by Steve Miller on Aug 20, 2004

I think the 6mm bottom is about right. Built my Mill Creek from plans using 6mm for the bottom and 4mm for the planks and deck. Glassed the whole boat with 6oz glass since I had it. Overkill I know on the deck. I am no engineer but I think that the bottom forms sort of the keel or backbone of the boat in added stiffness and structure. Am I nuts?? The weight from an extra 2mm on the bottom could easily be made up in carefull filleting and glass work. I like Lees idea of double 4oz on the bottom and 4 over the rest of the boat.

The boat still weighs less than the plastic Perception 11 rec yak my wife has. Not sure of the over all weight of the MC 13 but wife and daughter have no trouble hoisting it up on top of the SUV (rack is over their heads).

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