Re: Annapolis Wherry

Posted by TomS on Aug 18, 2004

Really good link/discussion from David.

Of course the Wherry doesn't have a daggerboard trunk, so doesn't have the major problem mentioned in David's string.

Concidentally, I did an intentional capsize test with my Wherry a couple of weeks ago. Details:

Where: Hudson River Conditions: Calm but not glassy, less than a foot of chop. In about 5 feet of water so I could stand if necessary (but I tried not to touch to make the situation realistic).

What happened: No major problems getting underway again. Slithered back in over the transom without difficulty. Using a 1-gallon clorox-bottle type bailer, had her ready to go again in about 2-3 minutes, I'd estimate. She was low in the water, but I'm not sure flotation would have helped a lot with that since the freeboard is low anyway. More flotation would displace water and call for less bailing, but that went fast, as noted.

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