a few questions

Posted by Michael on Aug 13, 2004

Alright!! There are a few questions that have popped up during the building of my first kayak. I'm building the ch17...the first one is, i'm using a boat yard epoxy for my yak and i have found a problem with it being real sticky when it dries...luckly i found out about this after the inside of the hull was epoxied...but i've tried everything to get rid of the stickyness (hot soapy water, sanding, acetone, etc.) anyone have suggestions to get rid of it???!

Next...on the blueprints it shows a brace toward the front of the boat(like the one that is right infront of the cockpit)but doesn't say anything about it in the instructions. Do i need to put one in, if so...how far from the tip of the bow does it go?!

I would appericiate it if someone could help me out with these parts. I'm real excited to finish my boat!! Thanks Michael

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