Re: a few questions

Posted by FrankP on Aug 13, 2004


Are you sure you got your resin/hardener ratio correct in your epoxy? Sounds like you may not have quite enough hardener. Make sure you are measuring accurately the correct ratios and if that doesn't fix the stickiness, I'd recommend calling the manufacturer and ask if it's normal. You may just be using a particularly slow curing type of epoxy that will be fine after longer wait times.

The forward deck beam is nice to help the curvature of the deck in that forward foot or 2 but I don't think I even bothered to put mine in. The sheer clamps and hatch lip/reinforcement will do a good enough job of supporting the deck in that area. If you don't install a forward hatch, then I would probably say put some reinforcing glass on the underdeck or put the deck beam in. Anywhere from 16-24 inches from the bow will probably be okay (that range is mostly guesswork based on where mine would have fit without modification.)


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