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Posted by Ed on Aug 12, 2004

Dear, Mr. McConnell and other Loyal Forum Enthusiasts,

Thanks for your reply. It sounds as though your friend is missing the "Stitch & Glue" manual. If he still needs it, I'm happy to get one off to him ASAP. Did he ever contact us? We are ALWAYS quick to correct any mistake we make. To answer your posted question more directly, the North Bay is one of the few boats that still come with the older style manuals; soon to be updated. I see there was a post about the West River 18 manual too. This boat also comes with the older style manual. But is in the process of being updated. Manual revisions and updating is an on going process here at CLC. I would say the average page count is 70 - 90 pages, some more and some less.

CLC continues to work hard to provide quality products, built with the best materials available (plywood, epoxy, etc). We offer customer support that is unmatched in our little boat kit industry. Keep in mind that CLC offers the following support and assistance to all small boat builders: The CLC Forum, CLC "Shop Notes" newsletter, a huge website filled with tips and contacts, email and phone tech support, an award winning S&G boatbuilding Video/DVD, The Canoe Shop & Kayak Shop books, better manuals w/plans, and the CLC online "Builders Club". Not to mention that our kits are MORE COMPLETE and cost 10% less than most others. CLC truly offers the best value for the kit builder. I'm also happy to say we have a GREAT STAFF that is always pleased to help. All of us enjoy the water and are enjoy teaching people how to build boats.

Best Regards,

Ed Wigglesworth

Chesapeake Light Craft 410-267-0137 x11

In Response to: Instruction Manual by E. McConnell on Aug 10, 2004