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Posted by LeeG on Aug 15, 2004

I s'pect that the prior marketing description "plans and kits" for the WR180 was c&p onto the WR18 model description,,,but there were no blueprints available for the WR18 as the sheer panel was changed right before production. So instead of sending out plans with a sheer panel and bulkhead dimensions that didn't match the kit the task of re-drawing the WR18 plans was put on the back burner as the fellow doing blueprints was busy elsewhere and the kit was shipped without plans. Were you one of the prototype builders?

The updated Chesapeake manual and Arctic Hawk manual raise the bar substantially for the rest of the kayak kit manuals like the WR18. For a new boat like the WR18 to have the somewhat cryptic/brief older style manuals is a little anomalous. Did you find the "tabbing" method efficient for the WR18? I always thought the sequence of glueing could be cleaned up using syringes and a different sequence of gluing than starting off using thickened epoxy which is more likely to stain the okoume.

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