Re: Here I Am!

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Aug 7, 2004

Good one, Bill. I might add that I see lots more blood-injuries occur with dull handtools than with sharp ones. So not only will a good sharp chisel work better, turn out better work, and be more fun to use... it is safer!

Bill also brings up an excellent point, whereas getting yourself out of an error can be fun, funny as it sounds at first. One on my old mentors once said "It's not a F-U 'til it leaves the shop (that way)." I never forgot it. Often times, an error, F-U, or material defect can be converted into a cool feature, rather than patched. Always try to think that way when faced with a problem that needs fixing. For example, if you put a huge gouge in a tabletop, instead of hanging yourself from a rafter, merely add inlays and voila! your table is better than it would have been without the accident. And you'll have lots of fun laughing at yourself while everyone is proclaiming your genius.

Cheers, Kurt

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