Re: Hip Brace Placement

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Aug 3, 2004

I started with hip braces made of minicell that were snug when sitting, but made getting in and out something of a dreaded event (mostly worried about damaging the foam). The pads were sculpted to thicken towards the tops, to fit the taper of my lower bod in the sit position. I then whittled 'em down at the tops, little by little, until getting in and out was no longer a chore. The bottoms come flush to the minicell seat scoop. And there they have stayed 'til yet.

My cockpit is, amazingly enough, good for all-day comfort. I never thought it would be, either, not with that silly little backband. But even while fishing, y' know, just sittin' there like an idiot doin' nothing, it's a good and comfy cockpit for hours on end (ahem).

Cheers, Kurt

The pic shows the hip pads at the outset, before the tops were pared back. I knew there was too much foam there, but that was the idea.

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