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Posted by FrankP on Jul 28, 2004

Plywood deckbeams? You mean bulkheads or the little deckbeams that (at least on my boat) don't seem to fit anywhere?

Either way, it's okay to do fillets after glassing the interior. It won't hurt anything. The glass would simply reinforce the strength of the fillet, but as this isn't really going to be a load-baring fillet and it's completely internal, I wouldn't worry to much. Just slap the puppy in there and move on to the next step.

I would expect that your kit should have come with a foredeck beam, considering how large the boat is. If it truly didn't (it's hard to overlook as odd packing scrap) then notify CLC. Many people have stated that they are really good about getting replacement parts to folks.

I'm not sure how the center deck section on the double goes. Are you expected to have 2 butt joints? Does it look like it's been scarfed? I would treat the middle section the same as any other and do some slight overlap with the fore and aft decks and trim it down (assuming butt joints here) so that you have a nice snug seam. Only difference is you do this twice instead of only once.

I don't have any advice on sneaking things past the wife. That always ends up getting people in trouble in my experience. It's the garage, it's supposed to be stained and whatnot.


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