plywood deck beam, etc

Posted by Al MacNevin on Jul 27, 2004


You have no idea how helpful some of these threads are...thank you all. Okay, coupla questions: 1) My instruction book (which I'm growing more skeptical of by the hour), doesn't reference the installation of the plywood deck beam, only the laminated beams which are pretty straight forward. Any thoughts on how this is to be installed and when? Since the interior is already 'glassed, it's late for fillets, no? 2) The book also says that all kayaks "except the 14" have a small foredeck beam. My kit doesn't have one, nor do the it wrong again? 3) I'm building the double, and again, the book doesn't talk about installing the decking on anything more than a two deck boat, so no instructions on the middle section...any advice? 4) After glassing the hull, I've left the odd drop of epoxy on the garage floor...any suggestions on how I sneak this by my wife? Perhaps I should just epoxy the whole thing? kidding...kinda. Thanks...Al