MC16.5, Now I'm confused

Posted by Jon T on Jul 23, 2004

OK, now I'm confused. I see the words, but step 2 seems wrong to me. I was going from step 1 on the same page -- "the front of the cockpit".

Also the radius of the deckbeam is 24 inches. I know because I made mine from the plans and also it show 24" on page 116.

So to me it doesn't make sense for the shear clamp radius to be other than 24" between the fore bulkhead and the deckbeam. The radius of the deck will have to be 24" at the deckbeam.

Where are all the MC 16.5 builders who have been thru this step???

In Response to: Re: Another MC16.5 questi by David Wallace on Jul 23, 2004