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Posted by David Wallace on Jul 23, 2004


Thanks , I was starting to feel very lonely and un-loved , LOL I re-read my manual but couldn't see any thing about starting at the deck beam

In my Building manual it says on page 131 , Step 2: The bow-radius section starts at the fore bulkhead and runs to the stem ,

Step 3: The 30" radius guide is used from the hanging knees all the way to the stern . [ On the Mill Creek 16.5 , use the 30" guide from the forward hanging knee to the stern ].

Step 4 : The sheer clamp bevel rolls between these two points ,

So I take that to mean I have to roll the bevel between the forward hanging knee and the forward bulkhead but when I did it just didn't look right , it seemed that I really needed to do was start the roll just forward of the rear hanging knee .

I also sent my question to the CLC Technical Question section and they replied by email :

This is what they call a rolling bevel. It changes from a more extreme angle to almost flat at the stern. You will need to go by eye at about the center of the cockpit.

So that is more inline with what I was thinking so I will re-plane the sheer clamps on Sunday and see how it goes , in the mean time I'll finish off applying the graphite and epoxy mix to the bottom , actually I thought I'd already given it the last coat yesterday morning , it was nice and still so I applied the coating then went out for a few hours , unfortunately the wind come up and blew crap all over it , has a finish like sandpaper now


David Wallace

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