Re: Hull Fiberglass=Fear

Posted by Mark Camp on Jul 20, 2004

Now I will tell you where I have had some troubles. Basically, what Dave just said about "wet from the center" is REALLY important. Where I had a couple bad spots was where I didn't work my way out from a single wetted out region with NO ISLANDS of dry glass. At the time the epoxy began to fire and all efforts must cease, I would either have islands of dry, or even worse, places at the edge of the properly wetted out region that received a little epoxy incidentally, at the end of spreading-out strokes, but that didn't get thoroughly wetted out soon enough. Also, if glass gets stuck down but isn't completely transparent, there is no way to fix it. If an island gets slightly wetted and then sets up, it will never stick, no matter how you try to jam epoxy in with a wet brush, or cut reliefs with a knife so it won't try to spring out. Even if you cut the island out completely, turning it into a patch, it will not stick.

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