Re: Hull Fiberglass=Fear

Posted by RogerJ on Jul 21, 2004

Lloyd, my hull is a canoe not a kayak so the shape is a little different but... I made sure the hull was smooth, no rough areas to snag glass fibers then we draped the glass over the hull (one piece).Then had aa easy tug of war with the center line over the keel until the hull was equally covered each side and enough to being around the bow and stern. I used a clean wide brush the smooth out the wrinkles and let it hang overnight. I spread epoxy as above, from a midline starting point working out and down to the shears. Put lots of plastic down as there will be drips. I have an epoxy dotted concrete floor in the garage now. RogerJ

In Response to: Re: Hull Fiberglass=Fear by Doug Judd on Jul 21, 2004