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Posted by RonC on Jul 19, 2004


Depending on whether or not you have the deck on makes a big difference in the application of varnish/paint to the inside. If you don't have the deck on yet, clean up any sharp drips/runs along the sheet clamps (round off all if you haven't already and seal with unthickened epoxy), use a scraper to get off the biggest runs and depending on your preference, either paint or varnish the front/rear compartments and the cockpit. I painted the insides of the front/rear with white Brightsides so that I wouldn't have the infamous "BLACK HOLE" effect but varnished the cockpit. I also went the extra mile and taped thin plastic sheeting in the front/rear compartments ot avoid as many of the inevitable drips that I knew would occur when I put the deck on. It goes withoue saying (?) that you don't want to paint/varnish the tops of the sheer clamps, deck beam or bulkheads. Now you may ask yourself the question "How to I mount the side braces after the deck is on if the cockpit is varnished?", simplu tape off the approximate area where the braces will go and varnish the rest of the cockpit, it is much easier to varnish the area directly below the cockpit opening than it is to stick your head inside to paint the whole thing 8-)

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