Varnish inside the boat?

Posted by michael on Jul 19, 2004

I have a feeling that this question is one that remains unspoken by many and separates the true craftsmen (and women) from the slap it together crowd (I am probably closer to the latter group, btw). The question is do you sand and varnish the inside of the kayak (i.e., cockpit and storage areas)?

After sanding to my psychological and hystimine limit (my body is not too fond of epoxy dust even wearing goggles and a mask), I am not keen on sanding inside the boat.

So what are people opinions on the need to varnish the interior, especially the cockpit. Can you get away without sanding and just slapping on a coat of varnish on the insides for some minimal protection. Or can you get away with skipping it entirely?

help? michael