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Posted by Homer on Jul 14, 2004

It seems the mix ratio is the key here.

If you still dont't have pumps, then, obtain containers of some kind to get as reliable a 2:1 ratio as possible. (may mean a thinner measuring device than a wide mouthed cup).

For scarfs, for example, I used those little film canisters, the black plastic ones that film comes in. I used one for hardener and another one for resin (two contianers filled). I used those to measure the small amount I needed for the scarfs.

It does take a bit of cab-o-sil to get a thicker mixture. After mixing the epoxy with a little stick, for that small quantity, I would add 1 tsp at a time. If you add too much, it becomes more like a paste or frosting. But if you add a bit at a time you get something that seems like it would spread on a piece of bread and not run off. That is what you want - a spread. Like yogourt.

Consider calling CLC and asking them to send you the pumps.

Consider finding a local store or company (even an auto repair place) that may deal in these pumps - or have another container to pour your epoxy in to dispense properly.

IF you get the correct balance of epoxy, it should get sticky pretty quick and be well on the way to hardening by the next day.

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