mustard consistency mess

Posted by Felix A on Jul 14, 2004

I am a newbie building an LT17 from a kit. I set up my table to glue the scarfs together and tried to obtain the epoxy thickened to a mustard consistency with Cab-o-Sil. I do not find the pumps, so I mixed the epoxy with a measuring glass. I probably mixed too much epoxy since I put a lot of Cab-o-Sil and even though it was not quite dripping anymore, the mix was stll a bit fluid. Since I am not sure how thick the ''mustard consistency'' needs to be, I tried to glue the scarfs together with that mix, but they have not glued together after 2 days (at around 80F). I appreciate any suggestions about how to clean the messy (unuseful) mix between the scarfs and about correctly mixing the epoxy. Can I use water on the wood? What else can I use to clear the messy mix? Should I lightly sand the scarfs to make sure they glue together on a second attempt? Also, what quantities of Cab-O-Sil and epoxy (resin and hardener) should I use? Thanks in advance,