Re: 1st timer epoxy fiasc

Posted by Laszlo on Jul 12, 2004

Mark's right. It also sounds like there may have been too many cooks.

But on the other hand, I'm willing to bet that the vast majority of us have made a smoking hockey puck or two and had to remove globs that had us fondly thinking of explosives for boatshop use.

The big revelations for me have been:

1. Always mix small amounts, like Mark says. They're easier to handle and if worst comes to worst, less waste.

2. Apply with squeegees, not brushes or rollers. This is not paint or varnish.

3. Mask off any areas that aren't supposed to get epoxy.

4. Make haste slowly. Plan everything, know exactly what you're going to do, prepare all surfaces, have all tools ready, have an "escape" plan, etc. It's normal to spend an hour or more getting set up, then swooping in with military precision and getting all the epoxying done in 15 minutes or less.

5. 1 person applies. Helpers only hand you tools, clean up drips, mix the next batch, control crowds, etc.

6. Get rid of distractions. Rope off the work area, turn off or ignore the phone, have a good drink of water, pee, etc. Applying the epoxy is the only thing you should have to pay attention to.

Good luck next time,


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