Re: 1st timer epoxy fiasc

Posted by veto on Jul 12, 2004

Aurel; I am not sure of your position as you do not state in your initial message, but you seem to be speaking of a major repair situation. Did you remove the rotted and damaged materials prior to the epoxy rush? That would have considerable impact on the final quality and longevity of the repair. If you have the help someone mixing and another applying is quite a good idea especially if the area is considerable. You can build a rudder out of several different materials but if the priority is to get the boat in the water yet this summer choose the easiest method, probably 4mm ply or even solid wood, taper the leading edge, work in a build up for attaching it to a stem and then a helm of sorts. Then 'glas it,light and practical and a small loss if damaged and easily upgraded or replaced as need be.

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