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Posted by DaveW on Jul 10, 2004

I think it's probably doable. You'd need to align the panels on the outside of the hull. You should be able to work the fillet so that it takes care of the inside, which is where the thickness difference would wind up.

The only question I would have if I were in your shoes is whether the 6mm would twist enough at the ends. I don't know how much twist you have to put into the last foot or two, but it's probably worth checking with CLC to make sure you can do the ends with the 6mm. For what it's worth, I've only built the Chesapeake models, and a couple of stitch-and-glue boats from other companies, but have never built the Mill Creek. For the boats I have built, the end couple of feet seem to be the only place where twistability is an issue.

If you are thinking about using the 6mm because you want a boat you can bang around, you might want to consider an extra layer or two of fiberglass on the outside instead of switching to the 6mm. You would probably only need the extra reinforcement on the bottom of the boat.

I've just been thinking aloud here, but I think you probably should give CLC a call and discuss your requirements with them.

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