Substituting 6mm for 4mm

Posted by NevadaTex on Jul 9, 2004

Okay, it's a long involved story and rather than bore you all with the sordid details, here's the crux of my question....

I'm building a Mill Creek 13 and, in accordance with the plans, have already built the sheer panels out of 4mm. I also plan to do the deck out of 4mm.

However, for various reasons, I am considering using 6mm for both the bottom panels and the bilge panels. Can any of you great construction minds foresee any problems with this game plan. Will the difference in flexing due to the 6mm vs 4mm cause problems where the sheer and bilge panels meet? I'm thinking it may take a bit more effort to get them to meet, but I can't imaging that is anything a little sweat equity can't overcome. Whaddaya think?

thanks in advance for your thoughts and opinions,