Re: Acadia NP, calm water

Posted by Steve C on Jul 2, 2004

I've paddled from Bar harbor to the Porcupine Isalnds and back on a half day guided paddle with a rental kayak. The conditions we experienced on an early morning in August were placid but foggy, however, in breeze, I'm sure there would be a significant chop - perhaps a bit much for the open cockpit MC.

I also paddled one of the inland lakes, better suited fro the MC, but it can still be windy.

I've sailed out of Southwest Harbor to the Cranberry Island and Somes Sound on a 19 foot saysailer, the ebb current in The Narrows of Somes Sound equalled the hull speed of the daysailer.

Get local knowledge of currents and conditions and/or a local guide before undertaking and salt water excusrsion, and consider paddling the fresh water interior lakes.

Have a great trip! I've been in 44 states, and Acadia is still at the top of my list of favorite places.

Steve C

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