Re: Acadia NP, calm water

Posted by Matt on Jul 2, 2004

I second the notion of Jordan Pond and Eagle Lake. Delightful places to paddle, although a little small. The wind in the afternoon can come right down Jordan Pond, so I'd recommend early day paddles there. Not sure about Eagle Lake. Again, the locals know best.

If you really want to go out on the ocean, then some of the more sheltered harbors (Southwest? I can't remember) might be better than taking the MC out into Frenchman's. You'll get to see all the million-dollar boats up close too!

I went on an all day paddle off of Bar Harbor and around the point to Hadley Cove last year where the wind was moderate, and it was kind of challenging. The guide actually thought better of her original route due to the light wind. As a previous poster noted, both chop and current can be an issue there. Very early mornings are sometimes flat calm, but it changes FAST.

Best of luck whatever you decide. The area is absolutely gorgeous - I always hate coming home!

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