shear clamps & curvature

Posted by Allan Reade on Jun 27, 2004

I'm planing the shear clamps on a CH17 and have already discovered this would have been better done before installing bulkheads and deckbeam. However I have 2 problems: 1. The 1/4 inch of shear clamp protruding above the shear line of the deck is not enough to give much width for the deck to fix to @ the position of the front deckbeam i.e. the curvature is such that only the outside quarter or so of the shear clamp will meet the 16 inch radius curvature at this point. Have I done something stupid, or is this normal? 2. Having fitted the outside ends of the front deckbeam flush with the top of the inside edges of the shear clamp I now find because of the above problem that the deckbeam is too low when compared to my 16 inch radius planing gude when it rests on the planed shear clamps. I can fill this gap, or laminate a couple of thicknesses of ply to it to bring it uop to the required height, but again, have I done something stupid or is this common. I'm building from plans, by the way. Hope you guys are enjoying your summer, and that someone has some advice on this. thanks, Allan